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Sep 13

A Legion of Angels

Starting next week I am going to be blogging on a weekly basis telling the story of Eternal Threads and the women we serve. Their stories are amazing!! I hope you will follow the blog and share with others. Today, however, I am compelled to talk about the crisis in the Middle East that is… Read More

May 6

Birthday wishes for Eternal Threads

I usually don’t celebrate birthdays, but maybe the milestones are different. I’m not sure why they should be, but certain milestones give us a way to celebrate life! Even more rare than celebrating a birthday is having someone ask me what I want for my birthday, so when the Eternal Threads Board asked me what… Read More

Mar 31

How Hope Begins!

I’ve been in Delhi, India for a week partnering with Sahayak and Onemaker, a long-time Eternal Threads friend and partner.  Our purpose was to help develop a jewelry project for Sahayak, so that they might be able to employ women in a slum area of Delhi that desperately need an income to survive.  A week… Read More

Mar 25

“Making Someone’s Life!!”

In the world most of us live in on a daily basis, I doubt that we often think about the fact that we could do something quite insignificant to us that would actually “MAKE someone’s life”…changing their world forever and giving them hope for the future that we can’t even understand.  Esmat is living proof… Read More

Oct 10

International Day of the Girl

Saturday, October 11th is the International Day of the Girl.  The purpose of the day is to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world.  This year’s Day will focus on “Innovating for Girls’ Education”. The official UN website states:  “The fulfilment of girls’ right to education is first and foremost an… Read More

Sep 15

The Last Point

I sometimes receive emails from our Afghan partner that stun me in their reality and for a few minutes, I am able to block out the “nothingness” that is all around us and live in the moment of what truly matters. For over four years our partner has very capably overseen the tailoring and now beautician training… Read More

Aug 31


Even though we flew completely different routes, amazingly we all arrived within a few minutes of each other at the Kathmandu airport on Friday morning.  Unfortunately some of the luggage for Abby’s extended stay here in Nepal didn’t make it, but they will be here on the 2nd. After a quick rest, shower and some… Read More

Aug 29

Team Visit to Nepal

An Eternal Threads team departed on Wednesday, August 28th for a visit to Nepal.  The team includes Eternal Threads’ founder, Linda Egle, board member, Diane Rose, and two staff members, Breahna Jordan and Abby Youngblood.  Breahna is the director of the Red Thread Movement and Abby will be remaining in Nepal to live in the… Read More