Eternal Threads is Now Closed

Closing Eternal Threads has been bittersweet for all involved, but we have made an indelible difference in the lives of hundreds of women around the world and that is because of you. There is no way to adequately thank or give credit to the current and former staff, board members, volunteers, donors and customers for the difference you have made. There are too many to list everyone individually, but I want to say, “Job well done!”

For over 30 years I have witnessed firsthand what happens when women who live in extreme poverty are given the smallest amount of help with income or skills training. Almost without exception they go on to bless the lives of other women in their communities. It is truly like throwing a stone into a crystal clear lake and watching the ripples go out beyond your sight.

God bless all of you for making the choice to be involved in the work of Eternal Threads.
None of it could have happened without you.
Linda Egle, Founder