Anti-Trafficking Work In Nepal

There are more slaves in the world today than at any other time in history. Every year 12,000 young Nepalese women and girls are trafficked across the Nepal/India border into Indian brothels and countries beyond.  Eternal Threads is partnering with a local organization to assist in their efforts to prevent this trafficking by providing funding for:


Anti-Trafficking Border Units

These stations are able to rescue as many as 2000 girls a year by interviewing young girls that are being taken across the border.  There are now surveillance units at thirteen border crossings that rescue 10-15 girls every month. Once a girl has been identified as a trafficking victim, she is taken to live in a safe house, if they are not able to return home.

Safe Houses

Eternal Threads helps to support one of three Safe Houses that provide shelter and restoration for victims of sex trafficking. Girls that arrive at the safe house are welcomed with love into a community of others that understand what they have gone through. They receive counseling and guidance with the goal of sending them home to start a “new” life.

Skills Training

Eternal Threads also provides Skills Training in tailoring to both rescued and “at risk” girls in Nepal.  By selling the items they make we are able to provide them with an income that will protect them from further exploitation.  While living in the safe houses, Eternal Threads hopes to be able to buy enough of their products, including Red Thread bracelets, so that each girl can leave the safe house with $500 in savings to help fund her new business when she returns home.

Ambassadors of Change

Once rescued, these young women become ambassadors of change in a part of the world where women are not valued. Their initiative and hard work demonstrates to others that they can be strong and worthy contributors in their society. The new hope that they have is something that they now offer to others in their community. Our partner in Nepal compares this effect of sending a restored girl back home to throwing a stone in a pond – the “ripples” keep going on and on.

Vocational Training2