Our Artisans

The artisans that make our beautiful handmade products are the foundation of our mission to improve the lives of women and children living in extreme poverty. The hearts and courageous actions of each of our artisans bring inspiration and hope to those around them – they truly are world changers!

Each artisan with whom we work has chosen various indigenous handicrafts as part of their product line. This creates products very unique to the geographical area and culture, while also affirming the beauty in each culture.  Each skill, whether it is embroidery, crocheting, or weaving may have been passed down for generations and is inherent in the community’s identity.

It is important to affirm the cultural heritage of these women who are often oppressed and impoverished, restoring dignity and hope to their lives. It gives them an opportunity to work within the safety of their communities without taking unnecessary risks to work in the larger cities where they are easily exploited. It gives them the opportunity to raise their children in safety as well as contribute to the development of their village. Our products not only support the individual who made it, but also the communities in which they live.

Benefits of Fair Trade

Fair trade is the exchange of goods based on principles of economic and social justice.

Eternal Threads is a member of the Fair Trade Federation following fair trade principles in order to provide the most benefit to our artisans. We market quality goods from diverse cultures made by people we care about and therefore conduct business in a manner that is fair.

Each of our artisans is paid a fair and living wage for their products as well as being given 50% advance funding for all orders enabling them to purchase raw materials. Beyond that, Eternal Threads invests in the lives and communities of each of our partners through our support of skills training, education and the rescue of victims of human trafficking.

Conscientious consumers are leveraging immense buying power for hope and justice by spending their money in a meaningful way on beautifully handcrafted Fair Trade items.