Artisan main photoOur Mongolian partner established a mission to help women escape prostitution by providing them income to sustain a new life and build a hopeful future free from their past. Jewelry training gives them the skills needed to build that new life and Eternal Threads is thrilled to showcase their beautiful, ethnically inspired designs.

This project provides a safe, live-in-shelter for women who want to transition away from prostitution and begin a new life. Their vision is to empower these women to make wise decisions, to find freedom and bring positive change to Mongolian society by providing physical, emotional and spiritual support. The goal is to raise up men and women of character that can support their families by teaching work skills, responsibility and character development.

They also host events such as Christmas parties and children’s days in order to promote relationship building and community strengthening. As more and more women in Mongolia search for better lifestyles, they turn to this project, allowing others to see the difference in their attitudes and hearts.

My character has changed so much since my old life. It has been almost 3 years since I first came to Streams. I have been working with jewelry for a year and 5 months. I can now make things with my hands. I am so thankful to be here. My life has changed. I really have peace and satisfaction in this work. When I am here, I am fed spiritually. – Onoroo

Young girls do not dream about entering prostitution. It usually happens out of desperation, abuse or force.

– Over 60% of domestic violence in Mongolia is alcohol related.