Rosemary Aseneta, our partner in Uganda, has the immense responsibility of providing for her entire family at the age of 21. After the death of her father when the children were young, the clan village that they lived in turned them out and they were not even allowed to take what few possessions they had. Her mother was left to raise her five children as a single parent. When she had a stroke, the family was blessed with her survival, but sadly lost her three years ago. Rosemary is now the sole bread winner for the family and responsible for her four younger siblings.

Before her stroke, Rosemary’s mother taught her to weave baskets from banana leaves and reeds. She now weaves at night when all the work is done caring for the family. She uses the income to pay the rent and school fees for her siblings as well as buying food and clothing for the family. She is also trying to buy a plot of land so that her family will always have a home and God willing she will be able to build a house on the land.

Hope For The Future

Rosemary and family.

Rosemary and family.

Rosemary believes that God will somehow take care of her and she expresses the life she hopes to have…something different for herself and her siblings. She would love to finish schooling herself and one day go to university to study counseling for women. “I have not lost my hope of going to college one day. I know I can make it. I just want to help my siblings go to school first so that they shall also have a bright future.”

If you can find a place and useful purpose for one of Rosemary’s baskets in your home, you will be contributing to that bright future for this amazing young woman.


The money that you send me for the baskets helps my family a lot. I thank you so much for your kindness to my family and me. Otherwise I do not know where we would be right now.