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Feb 21

Nepal Team Visit 2020

My best intentions of blogging while on a trip always seem to succumb to incredibly bad or non-existent internet, constant travel and fatigue, but also the desire to be totally involved with what we are experiencing.  It’s always good to have some time to reflect on what you’ve seen and heard. Learning about the trafficking… Read More

Nov 15

Journey to Freedom

When girls and young women are enticed by traffickers to leave their mountain villages for the false promise of a job or marriage, the journey is long and often treacherous.  They spend two days getting to the Nepal-India border…one day of walking and another day on buses. Sadly, along that journey many of the girls… Read More

May 9

Rafiatu’s Journey

I’m jumping ahead 10 years in the timeline of the Eternal Threads journey, but it’s an important story to tell now because we have the opportunity to take part in a one day crowd funding venue on May 15th to raise funds for Rafiatu and the women she serves. I had traveled extensively over the… Read More