Mar 31

How Hope Begins!

I’ve been in Delhi, India for a week partnering with Sahayak and Onemaker, a long-time Eternal Threads friend and partner.  Our purpose was to help develop a jewelry project for Sahayak, so that they might be able to employ women in a slum area of Delhi that desperately need an income to survive.  A week is certainly not long enough to develop a project fully, but because the Sahayak team is so capable, I think they will be able to carry on and produce a jewelry line that will employ many women and please a lot of customers.

Onemaker, our partner who began the jewelry project in Afghanistan that we still support, now trains women in jewelry making for projects just like this one.  I was here to give advice on design, etc. as a potential partner who would buy the products, and also to help source raw materials in the markets of Delhi that I am familiar with.  Even thought it was a lot of work, I quite enjoyed it since I hadn’t been in Delhi for several years and the Sahayak team were a joy to work with.

Naro and Stephanie and I were the “sourcing” team.  We spent four days trying to get a handle on what materials they could use for the jewelry line.  Finding beads and design components is a lot of fun and fairly easy, but finding the components to make up the pieces is more difficult and they will have to spend quite a bit more time finding everything that they need.

Naro and Stephanie


We used all forms of transportation, but sometimes it’s just best to use a rickshaw to get where you want to go!!!


I am anxious to see their final designs and offer them to the women who support Eternal Threads and these worthy projects around the world.  Hopefully we will have them in the warehouse by early June and online shortly thereafter.

Please keep this team in your thoughts and prayers as they work diligently to make this vision a reality.  Hope isn’t just a feeling that we may have.  It’s more tangible than that.  Hope is what you give someone when you give them a skill, a sewing machine or a goat, tailoring training, literacy training…anything that can help them improve their lives and that of their families.  It may begin as hope for the future, but it can in fact become a reality in the future.  It takes hard work, creativity and endurance, but the rewards are worth it.

I’m anxious for you to have the opportunity to buy the jewelry these women make so you can be part of making their hope real!!!!