Women and Girls

May 9

Rafiatu’s Journey

I’m jumping ahead 10 years in the timeline of the Eternal Threads journey, but it’s an important story to tell now because we have the opportunity to take part in a one day crowd funding venue on May 15th to raise funds for Rafiatu and the women she serves.

I had traveled extensively over the years, but had never been on the continent of Africa when I decided in 2010 to go to Nigeria to visit a young woman that Eternal Threads met at Abilene Christian University, and also to Accra, Ghana to meet a young woman that we hoped to work with in the future – Rafiatu Adams.

Rafiatu had spent much of her growing up years in the home of Christian missionaries in one of the poorest regions of northern Ghana. When her father died, her family wanted to marry her to an older man when she was only 16 years old, but Rafiatu had other plans for herself and for others. She wanted to do something with her life that would make a difference for the poor women in her community.

After graduating from high school she went to the capital city of Accra where she did menial jobs to save money for university. She was accepted to university, but life on campus was difficult economically because she didn’t have a means of sponsorship. That’s when she decided to use a talent she already had to earn some income. When I met her she said, “I love making beaded bracelets and usually gave them to my friends as gifts, but then I thought…hmmm, maybe I could sell them!” An entrepreneur was born!! A generous woman give her a small amount of money to get started and she knew she was taking a risk, but she spent it ALL on beads. She sold them on campus and in the city on days off, and then reinvested to buy more beads.

We met her when she was finishing her university studies in Sociology. She had a dream to go back to her rural village and teach the women to make jewelry so they could earn some desperately needed income. Before we left Accra, we gave her the first order for her new venture. She started with twenty women and now employs seventy five women.

Eternal Threads helped her establish Beads of Hope, a non-profit organization through which she does training for the women and provides start-up kits for their jewelry making and sewing as well as sponsoring children to attend school. She has since established a social enterprise through which to sell the goods, Detiina which means…BE THE HOPE.

Rafiatu NEVER stops working for her dream and the women. She regularly travels 14 hours on the bus to go to Accra to get raw materials and market their goods in hotels and gift shops. Eternal Threads has helped her with funding to build jewelry cases to showcase the goods in the hotels and shops. See their beautiful designs on EternalThreads.org.

Because it is difficult to sell enough jewelry to keep the women working full-time, Rafiatu has a new plan to provide the women with chickens to raise and sell in the market place. She has so many plans to become a sustainable enterprise. Your help would be amazing…She is Priceless

Oct 11

Celebrating Girls with New Initiatives!!

Nepalese GirlOctober 11th is International Day of the Girl established by the United Nations in 2012. There are 1.1 billion girls in the world today. They are smart, creative and talented but limited in opportunities because of gender inequality, lack of education and violence. I witness this potential when I spend time with the rescued girls in the safe houses in Nepal.  They have been denied education, suffered abuse and violence in their homes and deceived by traffickers. They come to the safe house wounded and broken, but they find the love from the other girls and staff that they have possibly never known before.  They work hard to recover from the trauma they’ve experienced and build a live filled with hope.


If you are a friend and supporter of Eternal Threads, you have been part of that amazing process. Giving young women training to have a business is the most valuable gift we can give them. I’ll be traveling to Nepal next month to work on a new training center for the girls. We are excited about that and I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Tailoring business

I started giving sewing machines to girls in India several years before Eternal Threads began. I realized then how valuable a tool it is for women in the developing world.  Since its founding our mission has always been to give women and girls the opportunities that will help them achieve more than they might have dreamed. We need your partnership to be able to do this.

This fall we launched TWO GREAT NEW INITIATIVES that we hope will help us continue to help our artisans around the world and accomplish even more for them as well as be a benefit to your mission or business.

If you have a shop or you know someone who does, please recommend our WHOLESALE program to them.  If you can help us sell  more products, we can give our artisans more sustainable income year round.

Many of you have been Gathering Hostesses for us in the past and sold the artisans goods at church events, schools and homes.  We couldn’t have accomplished all that we’ve done in the past few years without you!!!  We have now redesigned this program into our new HOST A SALE.  We hope this program which allows you to make a profit for a cause you care about will bless your organization or church at the same time you are helping our artisans in such a meaningful way.

Please join us in continuing our mission of empowerment.




Oct 21

“Breaking Chains” in Mongolia

Trafficking of young women and girls is a worldwide crime of astonishing proportions. They are trafficked in many different ways. They are deceived, kidnapped and even sold by relatives, but poverty is the underlying factor. Girls who have no other way to survive are often lured into sexual slavery with no other options and no way out.

Khentii and BelgeeOur Mongolian partners, Khentii and Belgee (right), and their team reach out to these young women on the streets of the capital city and offer them a way out. It is a long and difficult process to gain their trust when they have never before had anyone in their lives they could trust.

Mother and DaughterChanging their lives is not easy. Many of the women have children and need an income to begin a new life. Our partners developed a jewelry project several years ago and asked Eternal Threads to help them with a market.

I was able to visit this amazing project last year to meet the team and the young women in the program as well as the day care center they had recently opened for the women’s children.

Mongolian Girl

Watch this video of a young women making Break the Chains bracelets. One of the rescued women created the design for this bracelet as a symbol of her freedom.

Click here to see the beautiful jewelry that the women make. Please remember them in your prayers.

“Young girls do not dream about entering prostitution. It usually happens out of desperation, abuse or force.”