Meet Rafiatu

Mar 28

Name: Rafiatu Adams
Home country: Ghana
Trade and mission: bracelet and bead making and exporter of baskets made by women in her village
Goal: Set up a business for underprivileged women to make a sustainable income through beading.

Rafiatu initially started bracelet making and beading to pay her way through school. As time progressed she became inspired to use her abilities to help other women in need. Rafiatu decided to set up a business for underprivileged girls and “street girls,” teaching them the art of beading so they can have the ability to provide for themselves and their families. To get her business up and running she needs an expanded market to sell her items and that’s where Eternal Threads stepped in. Rafiatu knows how to sell her wares in Ghana, but connecting with women in the U.S. will greatly expand her capacity to serve the young women in her country.  She is now raising money to build a place where “street girls” can live and work.

Rafiatu items sold at Eternal Threads


  • beaded bracelets and necklaces
  • bracelets featuring African recycled glass beads
  • handwoven baskets

In her own words

“To be able to employ like 50 girls will really make a big change in the lives of all of us.”

“I have recently paid for the land to be legalized with papers so it is now ours forever. I have also bought a truckload of sand and stones to be used for the foundation but I am stuck for the moment and will begin something as soon as I start mobilizing enough.”

Rafiatu’s beads and baskets are now being sold at Eternal Threads’ Gatherings and at our Abilene Warehouse.  They will soon be available on our website.  Visit to find out more about Gatherings, other ways you can help and to learn stories of other Eternal Threads’ women around the world.