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Sep 15

The Last Point

I sometimes receive emails from our Afghan partner that stun me in their reality and for a few minutes, I am able to block out the “nothingness” that is all around us and live in the moment of what truly matters. For over four years our partner has very capably overseen the tailoring and now beautician training… Read More

Aug 31


Even though we flew completely different routes, amazingly we all arrived within a few minutes of each other at the Kathmandu airport on Friday morning.  Unfortunately some of the luggage for Abby’s extended stay here in Nepal didn’t make it, but they will be here on the 2nd. After a quick rest, shower and some… Read More

Aug 29

Team Visit to Nepal

An Eternal Threads team departed on Wednesday, August 28th for a visit to Nepal.  The team includes Eternal Threads’ founder, Linda Egle, board member, Diane Rose, and two staff members, Breahna Jordan and Abby Youngblood.  Breahna is the director of the Red Thread Movement and Abby will be remaining in Nepal to live in the… Read More

Apr 17

Journey West

On Sunday, April 14th, our Afghan partner and I traveled to the western city where our projects are located.  It was nice to have a companion for the journey.  Going to this city is like entering another world in Afghanistan.  It is much different than Kabul.  Thankfully, it has not been damaged as much over… Read More

Apr 13

Kabul Spring

It’s early spring in Kabul.  All of the fruit trees are in bloom and the new trees that have been planted by the mayor of Kabul are covered in the bright green leaves that only spring provides.  It’s hard to find evidence of hope springing up in a country and a city that has been… Read More

Apr 11

Return to Afghanistan

As I begin to write this I am in the hotel in Dubai where I spent the night on the way to Kabul.  My traveling companions and friends from the Lamia Foundation based in Nashville, TN joined me at the hotel late last night. The flight to Kabul leaves at noon today (Thursday, April 11th)…. Read More

Apr 11

Eternal Threads’ Founder receives Humanitarian Award

A personal note from Linda: All of us at Eternal Threads are so thrilled by this recognition for the work that we do.  Jennifer Patterson and I attended the event in Las Vegas which was truly amazing.  It is wonderful to have the honor, but more than that we are so pleased that this is… Read More

Oct 5

Threads of Hope for Afghan Women

Eternal Threads is hosting an event on Thursday, October 18th to raise money for women’s tailoring courses in Afghanistan.  This will be a unique come and go event filled with food and music from the region as well as handcrafted items made in Afghanistan that will be available for purchase. There will be wool carpets… Read More

Oct 2

Afghan Tailoring Courses

Eternal Threads has begun tailoring courses in Afghanistan to give women the training they need to be able to have their own home businesses.  We have just completed one of these six month courses for 10 women and began a new course on September 1st.  These training courses are vital because they give women, especially… Read More