Founder's Blog

Jun 10

A new partner!

In our recent travels to Nepal, we were blessed in meeting a wonderful Tibetan refugee woman named Dolma Pasang. Sitting under a shade tree making lovely jewelry is where we found Dolma on our first day in Pokhara. She remembered our founder who had talked with her on a previous trip and our friendly conversation… Read More

May 12

Reflections on Afghanistan

I’m now sitting in the ultra modern Dubai airport, a world away from where I was just 5 hours ago. Yesterday I spent some time sitting in the garden of the guest house reflecting on the last two weeks. The roses were in full bloom and the birds were singing. It was quiet and peaceful… Read More

May 11

French Food and the Bird Market

I should try and make everyone feel sorry for me, but the guest house we are staying at in Kabul has some of the best food I’ve EVER eaten. The Afghan woman who is the cook was trained to prepare western food for foreigners. Her apple crisp and banana bread are awesome!!! I guess I… Read More

May 8

Guns and Roses!!

On Friday, we went to the U.S. military base near Kabul for some meetings and to collect the school supplies that Eternal Threads had shipped for the children in our village. Before we left I took a walk around the garden of our guest house and counted the rose bushes…35 of them…all ready to bloom…. Read More

May 5

Finding Hope

So much has happened since my last post and two days without internet. Security alerts were issued for this week because of threats of violence against the military and western targets, but then we received the unexpected news that OBL had been killed. Security is probably a little tighter because of it, but life seems… Read More

May 1

Eternal Threads Founder Returns to Afghanistan

I wondered what it would be like returning to Afghanistan after four years. Would I feel as secure as I did the first time or would it be more unsettling? What would women be wearing now and how much would I have to cover up? Normally when you travel to a world capitol it is… Read More

Apr 28

Are you In the RED?

The Red Thread Movement and a group of students at Abilene Christian University have chosen to combine their passion for fashion with their passion to help women and girls most at risk of being enslaved through sex trafficking. Their goal is to raise awareness and help end modern day slavery. Deeply moved by the impact… Read More

Apr 14

News from Mongolia

Here are the stories of how 3 womens’ lives were significantly changed through working at The Stream in Mongolia. Batsegeg: “I have been working here for almost 11 months. I have not become rich but I have learned many things. I really like this work, it is very interesting. If I worked at a restaurant,… Read More

Apr 7

Meet the Border Girls

Name: protected for security reasons Home Country: Nepal Mission: Staffing the anti-trafficking border units that Eternal Threads’ partner manages. Eternal Threads sponsors two of these units as well as the Safe House where many rescued girls live. Goal: Prevent as many girls as possible from being taken across the Nepal/India border into Indian brothels and… Read More