Rosemary’s Baskets

Sep 8

Name: Rosemary Asenetor
Home Country: Uganda
Trade: Basket making from natural materials.
Mission: Support her mother and younger siblings.

Most 20 year old young women do not have the responsibility of being the bread winner and caretaker for her entire family, but Rosemary had that burden thrust on her when her father died and her mother had a stroke.

Basket weaving is part of the fabric of African life and culture passed down from generation to generation. For Rosemary it is not just a handicraft skill learned from her grandmother that no longer has meaning, but it is the livelihood with which she can care for her mother and four younger siblings. Her income is needed to provide food and rent along with medical care for her mother and school fees and supplies for the younger children.

Rosemary has overcome so many challenges, but they have not stopped her from having hope for a better future. She wants to go to university someday, but she is now using her income to buy a plot of land so that her family will always have a home.

“I am now at home concentrating on making the baskets that you are selling as I wait to join the university if God wishes.”

Her beautiful baskets are handcrafted from a plentiful supply of banana leaves, reeds and grasses. Her courage and commitment is woven into each of these baskets and she radiates gratefulness in spite of the demands on one so young.

“I do not know how to thank you apart from dedicating you to God. May God bless you always.”

Rosemary’s baskets are sold at the Eternal Threads warehouse and on the website