Our Story

Our Mission ~

Giving hope to families in poverty and young women rescued from trafficking by providing sustainable livelihoods through income-generating projects.

The Eternal Threads vision began with the Sofi tote project in a rural village of south India to provide income to women who were industrious and hardworking, but limited to help their families with any additional income except to work in the rice fields once or twice a year during harvest time.

From the beginning this project was envisioned as a model to help women in many parts of the world. In 2008 this vision became a reality as Eternal Threads added four new projects in Nepal, Thailand, Madagascar and Afghanistan. In 2014, products handmade by women in fifteen countries can now be purchased on the Eternal Threads website.

Eternal Threads began as a mission to help one group of women in India and has become a global community of women. Even though these women live in diverse areas of the world they share the same needs and hope for the future.  Because they live in extreme poverty they need a means of creating income to care for their families, preventing their children from suffering from lack of nutrition, health care, education, shelter and the possibility of being exploited or trafficked.

Our Name and Logo represent the values we invest in our organization and in the people we work with. Most of the artisans we endeavor to help have handicraft skills involving threads of one kind or another…wool, silk, cotton, raffia, plastic twine, cording for jewelry and others. By giving them sustainable income, we weave threads of hope and justice into their lives and generations beyond.

Part of this vision was the desire to connect women in the developed world to women struggling to survive in underdeveloped nations.  By selling their handiwork, Eternal Threads is able to tell the story of these women, and by purchasing their work you can be a part of providing them with hope and a future.

Our Core Values

  • Alleviating Poverty
  • Empowering Women
  • Productive Partnership
  • Sustainable Development

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