About Red Thread

Eternal Threads founder, Linda Egle had been working with women in extreme poverty for years, but learning about the enormity of the problem of sex trafficking, she wanted to get involved. Soon after, Linda met our partner in Nepal who had established an anti-trafficking organization. His goal was to prevent girls from being trafficked into brothels in India and provide a safe place for victims to live and heal. 

In 2010 Brittany Partridge, an Abilene Christian University student who had been volunteering at Eternal Threads, approached Linda with an idea for the Red Thread Movement. Her passion was to create a movement that would raise awareness about trafficking.

The idea of the Red Thread bracelet was born. The concept was simple…the girls living in the safe house and vocational training centers in Nepal would make the bracelets and this would accomplish two main goals:

  • Making the bracelets provides employment for rescued girls.
  • Wearing the red bracelet creates awareness of sex trafficking worldwide.


Getting Involved in the Movement ~

You can purchase the bracelets in bulk orders of 10 or more for only $2.50 each.  You can sell them at any price to fundraise for your own event or donate your profits back to Eternal Threads.