Skills Training in Afghanistan

On a trip to Afghanistan in May 2007, the founder of Eternal Threads and a board member researched ways to help alleviate the extreme poverty and oppression that the Afghan women endure. It was during that trip that they met our amazing partner who now oversees our projects.

The skills training courses we fund are designed to help women who are some of the most vulnerable in the world…those lacking in education and skills that have no other means to provide for their families except through a home business. Our projects in tailoring training are the most viable way for these women to have any hope for the future.

Tailoring Training

Each six-month tailoring course for 10 women provides them with the skills and the qualifications to open a home business. The sewing machines that they use during the course are gifted to them at graduation along with a $120 loan to launch their new business. The ability to have a home business is crucial to Afghan women who are restricted by their culture to work outside the home or have any other means of income.

Literacy and Small Business Training

Afghanistan has one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world. The estimated national adult literacy rate for women is 12%. In rural areas where approximately 74 percent of all Afghans reside, the situation is more acute, with an estimated 93 percent of women lacking basic reading & writing skills.

The women who take our tailoring courses will make any sacrifice to obtain a skill that will give them a potential income for their families, but along with that training they also know how critical it is that they are able to have basic skills to read and write and have the training to start their small home business.

How can you help these women?

Women are constantly coming to our partner begging him to start a training course for them. Please help us fund more of these courses with your donations to Life Changing Gifts. The impact in the lives of these women and their families is immeasurable.


Eternal Threads program came in like a “saving angel” who lifted my hopes and made me hopeful to live again. I want to participate In Eternal Threads Tailoring Program and be a tailor, making money and taking care of my children. I am really trying to learn the tailoring to show even the other women in the village that women are not slaves or servants.